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I have been using Kalei Kipp’s products/supplements for quite a few years. I will not stop taking them. Little did I know when I started taking them that her supplements would be an invaluable, precious gift that would keep on giving 🧚‍♂️

My favorite product is a liquid collagen nutraceutical 🥃 (with 7 US and International Patents). I started to take it just to see if it would really help with all of the things I had been told it helped with 🦵

Little did I know…the horribly uncomfortable visits to my dentist would be just fine again 🦷 I took this elixir for four months, not knowing that my next appointment would be pleasant once again 😁 and would continue to be so.

My list of benefits has grown since that day 🌱 In fact, my list of benefits has multiplied over and over again! I highly recommend Kalei Kipp, her healthy ideas, and her fabulous supplements.

Danita Layser

In 2019 I had a horrible case of adult chicken pox with a visit to the ER. I was covered from head to toe in devastation. I also was struggling with my knees at this time because I am a hair stylist and a runner. I started with Skin liquid Biocell and what a difference. I then have switched to Life formula and added the collagen cellproof and I have never been happier. Being in the beauty biz I tried all kinds of products but I am in love with their moisturizer. I am running again with no discomfort and my pox scars are minimal. I will be 42 in July and pretty happy with my results.

I have also been a yoyo dieter all my life. About 9 years ago I made the decision to change my lifestyle around and lost 60lbs. Now the kicker was trying to maintain it.

I workout at home and do some running but still was struggling. I committed to the modere lifestyle changes and the lean body system.(chocolate is my fav) and have kept the weight off. The LBS has given me tons of energy and made my body look more toned….I feel better in my own skin. I am no size zero but happier and healthier because of these products for sure.

Tiffany Deysher

I have tried sooo many diets and wasted so much money on products that did not work and had given up…and then I found the Lean Body System, and dropped 25lbs & 25” of menopausal MUSH!!!!!!

Lorah Carrie

I have been using this multi patented, award winning, one of a kind, first to market collagen line Kalei suggests for 5 years.

I’d sure say it works! I have never missed a day and I do not plan to. You need this in your life!

Justine Layser

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